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Clifton Area Neighborhood School (CANS)

New Clifton-Area Neighborhood School Opens August 2017 for Preschool and Kindergarten

Cincinnati Public Schools is opening a new neighborhood school to serve three of Cincinnati’s historic neighborhoods — Clifton, Spring Grove Village and CUF (coalition of Clifton Heights, University Heights and Fairview). The new school is called Clifton Area Neighborhood School (CANS) - a temporary name until the new school is fully established. 

Attendance Areas for CANS 

Now enrolling for Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade for 2018-19 school year

In August 2018, preschool (ages 3-4), kindergarten classroom (age 5) and first grade will be reserved at Rising Stars Academy at Vine, 2120 Vine Street (45210), to receive children who will later attend the new Clifton Area Neighborhood School. The Rising Star “seed” location will serve CANS until the school moves into its permanent location.

To enroll for August 2018: Contact Michelle Senger in CPS’ Early Childhood Department: (513) 363-6581; sengerm@cps-k12.org

Clifton Community Sought New School

CPS decided to create the new neighborhood school after community members expressed interest in having a school dedicated to serving the Clifton area, and it was determined that there likely are enough children to begin growing a new school. With the help of a volunteer advisory group of community members, plans were launched for CANS.

The CANS Advisory Group is looking for parents of potential students for the new school and for community members interested in helping with the planning and follow-through of every facet. The Advisory Group meets once a week.

Contact the CANS Advisory Group
Read more about CANS (PowerPoint - May 23, 2017)
CANS (Clifton Area Neighborhood School) Website

New School's Start-up Location

Clifton Public school buildingFor now, the new school will operate within CPS’ Rising Stars Academy at Vine for preschool and kindergarten students. CANS’ permanent home, slated to open for the 2019-20 school year, will be the former Clifton School building (pictured) at 3711 Clifton Avenue (45220). The former Clifton School, which was built in 1906 in the Beaux-Arts architectural style, was closed as a school in August 2006.

The new Clifton Area Neighborhood School will continue to add grades year by year to serve preschool through 6th grades.

Re-opening Clifton School Building

CPS recently purchased the Rawson Farmhouse and two parcels of land that front on Clifton Avenue adjacent to the former Clifton School building.

For additonal information about CANS, visit the Clifton Area Neighborhood School Website.

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