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Grades 7-12 High Schools

High Schools of Choice — Grades 7–12

Apply to a CPS High School

Students select from a variety of high-school programs with special focuses that lead students into careers and higher education.

The High School Guide booklet provides detailed information about each CPS high school and the application process. 

2017-18 CPS High School Guide

Instructions for using the online application and sample - 2017-18

All high schools in Cincinnati Public Schools serve students in grades 7–12 (as of August 2013). Moving our middle-school students into the high school buildings allows them to begin high school-level work earlier, gain skills faster in demanding subjects such as math and earn high school credits sooner.

Why did CPS adopt a 7–12 high school model?

Students choose their high schools

There’s an added excitement to reaching high-school age in Cincinnati Public Schools — students get to pick their high schools.

Students may live anywhere in the CPS district and select from among all CPS high schools. CPS does not assign students to high schools based on their home addresses. To enter some high school programs, students must meet specific requirements. (For example, students may have to pass a test, audition, or have previous experience in a subject or teaching style.)

There are many choices within Cincinnati Public Schools' high schools, which offer dozens of career-interest and college-preparatory 

What do all CPS high schools have in common?

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