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Transportation Policies

Cincinnati Public Schools' efforts to trim its budget in a tight economy resulted in recent changes in transportation policies.

  • Students who live one (1) mile or more from the schools they attend and live in the schools' correct attendance areas are eligible for transportation on yellow buses (changed from ¾ of a mile)
  • Students who live one and a quarter (1 ¼) miles or more from the schools they attend qualify for reduced-price Metro (public transportation) bus service (changed from one mile).
    • All distances are measured by the routing system used by CPS' Transportation Branch.
    • The minimum distance is measured by the most direct route between the student's home and the school of attendance.
  • Students attending some K-12 schools — Oyler and Riverview East — will be transported by yellow bus. High school students at these K-12 schools who participate in after-school sports and club activities will receive extracurricular Metro passes to ride Metro buses home.

Previous Changes

To keep the focus on academics, the following transportation changes were made previously:

  • If a school (elementary or high school) is relocated temporarily to "swing space" because of construction or renovation, transportation services will be provided for all students to the new location. This means:
    • All students who live within the school's attendance boundaries will be transported to the temporary location on yellow buses (elementary) or provided with reduced-fare Metro bus passes (high school). Students at schools serving grades K-12 will be transported on yellow buses.
    • Minimum distance for transportation eligibility will not be enforced while the school is in the temporary "swing space" location.
  • Requests for bus-stop locations to support child-care issues (deviated stops) will be continued from year to year, unless CPS' Transportation Branch receives a request from the parent/guardian to cancel or change the service for the new school year.
  • Changes were made in the distribution of reduced-fare Metro bus passes for high school students:
    • All Metro passes are valid for a full school year. New passes will be provided on a weekly basis to new students and students transferring from other schools.
    • A replacement Metro pass cost $10.


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