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Changes in Student Information

Accurate and up-to-date student information is required to operate a bus-transportation system.

Information on new enrollments and other changes to student information must be given to the child's school. It is the responsibility of the school to update the child's information. (CPS' Customer Care Center can accept these changes for students enrolled in the public schools when a school is not open.)

CPS' Pupil Transportation Branch cannot update a student's record. Timely transportation service depends on parents giving schools up-to-date student information. Address changes must be received by the Pupil Transportation Branch from the schools by the summer cut-off date to guarantee inclusion in bus pick up on the first day of school.

Address changes received for students in CPS schools that can be made without re-routing the bus generally can be made on a daily basis. Changes submitted by non-public schools and charter schools require additional time. Notice of daily changes are provided to the schools who, in turn, notify parents.

Late address changes that cannot be accommodated for school start-up will not be implemented until the first re-route. Regular re-routes are scheduled on a biweekly basis throughout the school year after the first re-route, and they normally are implemented within two weeks.

Address changes requiring a re-route of the bus affect the transportation arrangements of other children assigned to the route and require time for parent notification. Postcards are mailed for each re-routeon the Friday/Saturday prior to the Tuesday re-route implementation.

Student pick up/drop off times may change several times throughout a school year, but these changes are necessary to serve new students and those who move.

Due to safety issues, it is not possible for schools, the bus company or bus drivers to change the transportation arrangements for a student. This can be done only by CPS' Pupil Transportation Branch.

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