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Advanced Placement (AP)

Any student who is on track to graduate and willing to take on the challenge of an Advanced Placement class will not be denied the opportunity.

After a long tradition of providing high quality Advanced Placement courses at a number of our schools, we were confronted with the stark truth that many of our schools had no, or very few, Advanced Placement options available to our students. The inequities witnessed ranged from students not having course offerings available in some schools  to a de facto segregation seen in other schools. Students who were smart and hard-working, but underserved in their course offerings, did not have their needs being met.  

An innovative approach was developed to provide a group of traveling teachers in a blended format to our students whereby they would be in front of the students 2-3 days a week and, with the use of technology, provide digital instruction on the other days.  Recognizing that this was a strong initial approach, but that the students required more in-person instruction and supports, we transitioned to 4 schools per day with in-person 5 days a week instruction and continued to focus on opportunities for all students in every high school.  

Having enjoyed successes and recognitions, we continue to grow and learn and extend those learnings and efforts of equity and access across the district to all of our schools with policies and expectations that meet the needs of all of our students.  


Advanced Placement stats