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CPS Branding

Cincinnati Public Schools' logo is a circle of children's hands with the fingers touching and forming a star — celebrating inclusiveness and diversity, and showing CPS as the shining star for student achievement. In 2019, the logo was redesigned by adding words next to the circle.

The circle and stars embraces CPS' ongoing commitment to collaboration among students, teachers, parents, administrators, staff, partners and the community. By working together, we create something meaningful, symbolized by the different hands joining to create a star.

CPS' hand/star logo, adopted in 1996, was developed as a community service project by Libby Perszyk Kathman (LPK), a Cincinnati design firm. The logo was refined in 2007 and redesigned in 2019.

This unique symbol reflects the district's educational objectives, direction and basic philosophy:

  • National leadership in school reform
  • Commitment to quality, integrated education
  • Commitment to active learning
  • Pride in involved citizenry

Using the CPS Logo

CPS' Logo Standards and Usage Guidelines provides an overview of how to use the CPS logo to effectively communicate the CPS brand. Prior to using the logo, to be in compliance with the Cincinnati Board of Education's policies, all relationships with organizations must be approved in writing by the district and the Office of Marketing and Communications. Written approval may be granted via the terms as outlined in a contract and/or Memorandum of Agreement (MOU). Vendors and/or external organizations that have a written agreement authorizing use of the CPS varied brands, please work with your CPS point of contact to process a brand use request. 

Any misuse or placement without written consent of CPS's varied brands, as outlined in the brand guidelines, will be considered a violation and misrepresentation of its protected marks. The user must remove all placements (digital or print) to comply with CPS Brand Guidelines.    

To request use of the CPS logos (JPEG, PNG and EPS formats) or to better understand the district's usage guidelines and co-branding, contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at 513-363-0020 or by email


CPS Brand Guidelines - REV11-29-21