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CPS Facilities Use Permit

Some Pertinent Rules Governing Use of School Buildings and Grounds

The School District reserves the right to void this agreement if it conflicts with the mission and needs of Cincinnati Public Schools.

Applicants should familiarize themselves with all applicable rules of the Board of Education governing the use of the facilities desired.

These rules are available in the office of each school principal and online. Special attention is invited to the following conditions:

  1. The meeting must be open to all on equal terms.
  2. Contract hours for all employees must be observed and the building closed on schedule.
  3. Proper care of building and equipment must be taken. Damage to and abuse or misuse of property and equipment should be reported immediately to CPS Facilities Department. Repairs must be made or paid for by the responsible applicant.
  4. Arrangements for the use of stage scenery, public address system, audio-visual systems, interactive boards, piano, or other equipment belonging to CPS must be made with the principal of the school at the time of making application. Should kitchen equipment be used, a Student Dining Service employee must be assigned by Student Dining Services. Charges, payable to the school and/or CPS, are made for some of these facilities both for upkeep expenses and for personnel to operate them.
  5. No fundraising activity is permitted unless the proceeds (difference between income and expenses) are used for the benefit of the Cincinnati Public Schools or for an approved charitable educational, cultural, character-building, or other community welfare purposes.
  6. No school building or grounds shall be used for commercial or personal gain, or for any program including any form of gambling.
  7. No intoxicating beverages are permitted to be used in school buildings or on school grounds without an alcohol waiver, which requires Board of Education approval. Smoking is prohibited on Cincinnati Public School property. The applicant agrees to enforce this regulation at all times while on Cincinnati Public School property.
  8. No wrestling, boxing, karate, or similar activities shall be permitted unless sponsored by the schools.
  9. No school building or grounds shall be used for engendering racial or religious prejudices or for any other purposes inimical to our school system and the democratic way of life.
  10. Cincinnati Public Schools may require a security and safety plan to be in place 30 days prior to an event.
  11. All groups must submit an adequate Certificate of Insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 of coverage to the Office of General Counsel, Daniel Hoying:

Applicants requesting use of a CPS Facility must agree to follow these protocols and include written procedures with their application.

  1. On the Facilities Rental Application; please provide a detailed description of the activity or event that you propose to hold in a Cincinnati Public Schools facility.
  2. CPS will not have employees on site as it may have in previous years, and CPS reserves the right to assign a building monitor — paid for by the applicant — during the event or activity.
    1. CPS cleaning costs to be paid by Applicant: See Rental Fee Schedule — Custodian
    2. CPS safety services costs to be paid by Applicant: See Rental Fee Schedule — Safety Services
    3. CPS monitor costs to be paid by Applicant: See Rental Fee Schedule — Building Engineer
    4. Other costs to be paid by the applicant