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William Taft Elementary Dedicates Bench to Teacher

May 22, 2019

Students and staff gathered in the front of William H. Taft Elementary School to pay tribute to a teacher, friend and colleague, Karen Thompson.

"She loved students. She loved students. She loved students," said Dr. Jonathan Brown, principal of the school.

"She made a difference in my life and in your life as well," he added.

Thompson, her husband and 10-year-old daughter were killed March 17 in a car crash.

"This has been a sad time at Taft Elementary," said Eve Bolton, school board member. "Ms. Thompson was devoted to her students and fought very hard for Taft Elementary School."

To honor her many years as an accomplished educator, a new bench was unveiled at a May 21 dedication. The bench is located under a tree in front of the school near the free-library, a decorative receptacle full of books, free of charge, for anyone in the community. No library card is needed and books don’t need to be returned.

"The bench will serve as a reminder of her time at CPS and Taft Elementary," said Susan Bunte, assistant superintendent.

Thompson was a teacher in the CPS district since 1994.

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