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Walnut Hills Counselor Focus on Stressors Affecting Today's Youth

February 10, 2020

By Ashley Kirklen, WLWT

If the halls of Walnut Hills High School could talk, you'd hear the fears, laughs and heartbreaks of generations past.

So what makes those emotions so different for today's kids?

"Before, they didn't have the social aspect or the social media aspect that they had to deal with. You could leave something at school and be done with it," said Walnut Hills High School counselor Tanya Ficklin.

Ficklin says counselors within Cincinnati Public Schools are trained in three components: academics, social and emotional, and college and career. Lately, Ficklin said the focus has been heavily on social and emotional stressors.

Another big stressor on students today, is identifying their next steps in life.

"What does success mean, and my idea of success is not necessarily what a student's idea of success is, but how do I take your idea and help you get there," said Ficklin.

Kendall Cooke, 17, takes full advantage of her relationship with Ficklin.

"I come to her office every day, first bell, whether it's my personal life, school life, or just to sit in here for quiet to get my homework done. She's always available," said Cooke.

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