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Sheila Gray visits CPS "Tech Truck"

August 22, 2016

By Sheila Gray, WKRC

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Wednesday's a big day for many in the Tri-State as it’s the first day of school for many students and parents!

Sheila Gray of  WKRC onboard CPS' Tech TruckLocal 12's very own Shelia Gray was able to get a look at CPS's "Tech Truck," which will travel around and promote high-tech education to teachers and students alike.

One of the biggest school districts heading back is Cincinnati Public Schools.

CPS is the largest district in the Tri-State, covering 91 square miles.

There are 56 schools in CPS’s district and CPS projects 35,000 students will attend classes this school year, with enrollment up for the third time in three years.

Several schools have a new focus and CPS Superintendent Mary Ronan has said that district leaders came up with new programs in the local area.

“We talked to the community and we knew we needed a gifted academy on the West Side. Then Cultural Arts is a natural. We have such a fabulous arts community in the city, so Chase and Woodford will have arts focus. Then there's a lot of environmental and green groups in town, so Pleasant Hill will have a green focus. We have a high-tech focus at Hays-Porter right across from Taft Information Technology High School. Then we have two student enterprise schools at Westwood and Rothenburg,” said Superintendent Ronan.

Getting all those kids to schools is also no easy feat. CPS transports about 28,000 students every day.

That's more than a thousand trips and buses travel more than 200,000 miles a week, which is approximately 8 times around the Earth per week.

Walk-to-schoolers also make up about a third of the district enrollment.


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