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New gifted program at Cheviot Elementary

August 21, 2016

By Jeff Hirsch, WKRC

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Wednesday, August 17, was back to school day for Cincinnati Public Schools and for the third straight year, enrollment was up.

Student engage in Latin at Cheviot Schools Gifted ProgramFor the 2016-2017 school year the district projected to top 35,000 kids. On day one, it's pretty tough for a teacher to memorize all of her students' names. At Cheviot Elementary Anne Uhgrin had it down cold and in the classroom, the kids caught on quickly too.

It was Latin for gifted third through sixth graders. There was already a gifted school on the east side, in Hyde Park. The kids Local 12 met Wednesday, August 17, were in the new west side gifted program, advanced work for academically advanced kids ready to take on any challenge.

Cheviot gifted is among several new programs in seven buildings responding to what parents want in their neighborhood schools.

Fifth grader John Russel says about Latin, “It can help you with writing and suffixes and prefixes in English because Latin is the root of a lot of language.”

Anne Ughrin is a high energy teacher. Can she keep up the pace for 179 more days? Absolutely, and can the kids keep up? You bet. These kids are smart.

The other new programs opening Wednesday, August 17, are high technology at Hays-Porter School, Arts and Culture at Woodford and at Chase as well as Business Enterprise at Westwood and Rothenberg and Environmental Science at Pleasant Hill.


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