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Local Mom Helps Support Hughes Football Team

November 7, 2019

By Katie Kindelan, GMA

Dana Gendreau, a mom of three in Cincinnati, Ohio, turned what she described as "sadness" into action after reading an article about the hardships faced by many local public high school football players, including going without food or places to live.

Gendreau, 46, a diabetes care specialist, reached out to the Cincinnati Enquirer reporter who wrote the story and asked to be put in touch with one of the teams in need of help.

The reporter connected Gendreau to Chris Mobley, the head football coach at Hughes High School, a school in downtown Cincinnati with a large population of minority, low-income and special needs students.

"He told me the biggest thing they needed was help with food because some of the players don’t eat from the time they leave school to when they go back to school the next morning," Gendreau told "Good Morning America." "Having a son who plays football, I knew how important it was for the players to be hydrated and fed."

Gendreau's son, Alec, 10, plays on a fifth-grade football team with Kings Youth Football in an upper-middle-class area about 30 miles north of downtown Cincinnati.

Gendreau decided she would on her own purchase healthy foods like fruit and high-protein snacks for the Hughes High football players. She also emailed her son's football team to see if any other parents wanted to help.

The response — which Gendreau described as "amazing" — has turned Gendreau's idea into a ongoing effort that has bonded the two teams in ways no one could have predicted.

"Our boys look at the Hughes team as an NFL team and the Hughes players have been unbelievably kind to our players," said Gendreau. "Their team built into our boys and hopefully we built into them to show them that people they don’t even know love and support them and will be there for them no matter what."

Gendreau and her fellow parents on the Kings Youth team have supplied the Hughes High football team with around $500 worth of groceries each week since September.

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