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Kilgour Students Get a Glimpse of the Business World with Chocorona

May 21, 2020

It’s called Chocorono. Imagine rich, dark chocolate gelato wrapped around cookie dough and chocolate pieces.

Now doesn't that sound scrumptious?

This is not the latest flavor of some big conglomerate ice cream manufacturer. But the brainstorm of some sixth-graders at Kilgour School who didn't let a pandemic and school closure take the steam out of their business venture.

Since 2013, Matt Madison of Madisono's Gelato has made it a point to share some of his business expertise with the Kilgour sixth-graders to perhaps, someday, inspire them to become future entrepreneurs.  For eight weeks, Madsion meets with the students to create a gelato product from start to finish.

Little did Madison and Stephanie Bisher, the sixth grade teacher, know that this year's project would be interrupted by a pandemic, forcing the closure of Ohio schools and putting their gelato creating, selling and marketing on the back burner, but not for long.

Madison and Bisher decided that they could continue with their gelato project remotely, engaging students and parents in online sessions about the ins and outs of product development.

With their gelato project interrupted by the coronavirus, the 90 sixth graders thought it was only appropriate to weave it into the name of their gelato. And so Chocorona was created. 

Usually, the students' gelato treat is sold at the spring Kilgour Carnival. Once again, the sixth graders had to pivot and come up with another plan to sell their sweet treat. So they turned to all of the Kilgour parents to purchase the pint-size gelato and sold it on the PTA website. 

After a lot of unexpected circumstances, pints of Chocorona are ready to be devoured. Kilgour families will be picking up their orders curbside May 23. Proceeds will fund PTA projects.

Chocorona is not available in stores.


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