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CPS unveils Vision 2020 Plan at annual State of Schools address

August 22, 2016

CINCINNATI —Cincinnati Public Schools unveiled a new initiative at its annual State of Schools.

It is called The Vision 2020 Plan and it will push to make neighborhood schools as strong as magnet schools.

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Superintendent Mary Ronan delivering State of the Schools addressBut the superintendent stressed that passing the November levy will be a key part of helping students succeed.

“The levy is going to look at providing opportunities for students to get a great start through preschool and also at the other end, that our youngsters in high school will be college and career ready,” Cincinnati Public Schools Superintendent Mary Ronan said.

Some parents believe this type of access will help students at every school in the city.

“Less time is taken away to get everybody up to the same level to then excel foreword. So my kids are going to succeed just because everybody else is going to be on the same page,” said Craig Rozen, a father of two students at Cincinnati Public Schools.

The Vision 2020 Plan isn't just about strengthening schools years down the line; parents of CPS students say the investment in a variety of different programs now will help students succeed today.

The district went to each neighborhood to assess its unique set of interests.

Starting this year, it's investing in environmental-science schools, students enterprise, cultural-arts schools, and a gifted academy.

Ronan says community collaboration is key to the program.

“This year, we're incredibly united. We have the Preschool Promise, we have The AMOS Project, we have the War on Poverty and we have the business community to support us so we really believe that we will make history this year,” Ronan said.

The main goal is to continue increasing college and workforce readiness.

CPS students return to class Aug. 17.


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