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CPS Promotes Computer Science Grades K-12 — Updated 12/05

December 5, 2016

Cincinnati, OH– More than 100 million students across the globe have participated in more than 200,000 Hour of Code events worldwide.  This global movement has taken place in more than 180 countries.  Here in Cincinnati, students, teachers, parents, and even business and community leaders will celebrate Computer Science Education Week (December 5-11, 2016).  We invite members of the local media to take part in increasing the impact Cincinnati has on this global movement by showing our community how Cincinnati Public Schools continues to prepare our students for 21st century success.

CPS is participating because technology is transforming every industry on the planet. In 2015, 7 million openings in the U.S. were in occupations—including art and design—that incorporate coding skills. But 75 percent of schools in the U.S. don't teach computer science. As Hour of Code coordinators say: “It’s time for us to catch up to the 21st century. We know that regardless of what our students do when they grow up, whether they go into medicine, business, politics, or the arts, knowing how to build technology will give them confidence and a competitive edge”.

Many schools will be hosting Hour of Code pep rallies or kick off assemblies, inviting professionals from Cincinnati businesses to inspire students to learn computer science skills. Classrooms will offer coding sessions to help students meet or exceed the one hour challenge. Teachers, parents and community leaders will serve as volunteers, mentors, and assist Cincinnati Public Schools students “by introducing our girls and boys to fundamental computing concepts on a level playing field, starting with the earliest learners, we can inspire today’s generation of students to build the technology of tomorrow.  

Schools events to showcase include:

Hays-Porter Elementary High Technology School: Participating in Hour of Code activities all week, with technology electives on Friday morning at 8 a.m. for students in primary through 6th grades.

Hyde Park School: Tuesday December 6, 2016 8:30 AM Kickoff Assembly with classroom coding all day and all week! Hyde Park has embraced the need for students of all ages to learn to code, and will host parent and community volunteers, guest speakers, and tech leaders to assist students learning how to code.  (Lead teacher: Jessica Hughes; Principal Tiany Amat)

Woodford Paideia Arts & Culture Elementary: “The Art of Coding” Woodford has a new arts and culture magnet focus, but technology enhances all areas of learning--including the arts!  Join Woodford students as they learn from local tech leader guest speakers on Tuesday Dec. 6th and Thursday Dec. 8th from 9:30-noon, and practice the art of coding with code.org’s “Artist” tutorial. On Wednesday, Dec. 7, from 9:40 to 10:10 a.m., students will skype with Alexander Aavang (Seagate Technology) and from 10:20-11:05  Wednesday students will meet Chris Nelson, a software developer for the Cincinnati web application development firm Gaslight. On Thursday, Dec. 8, from 9:30-noon, students will learn from Christian Snodgrass, a senior software consultant/engineer.  (Lead teacher: Jennifer Smith; Principal D. Ross Turpeau). 

Sands Montessori: Hour of Code: An evening event to explore computer coding.  Taking place in the Sands Montessori Cafetorium on Tuesday, December 6th from 6pm-7pm. Activities featuring Minecraft, Star Wars, and Disney’s Frozen coding tutorials.  Students are encouraged to wear their favorite Minecraft, Star Wars or Disney’s Frozen costume. (Led by AP Dr. Elizabeth Johnson & Annette Delaney)


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