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CPS Levy Passes by Historic Margin

November 9, 2016

CPS Levy Passes by Historic Margin

The Cincinnati community voted overwhelmingly on November 8, 2016, in support of Cincinnati Public Schools’ investment in quality preschool and strong K-12 schools, with 62 percent of voters supporting Issue 44.

The tax levy, CPS’ first request for new money in eight years, passed with 87,578 votes in favor and 53,845 (38 percent) against — the widest margin of victory since 1952.

“It is so wonderful to live in a community that cares so deeply about its children getting the education they need to be successful in life,” Superintendent Mary Ronan said. “Never before has such a broad-based coalition come together in Cincinnati in support of a district ballot issue. Our children — and Cincinnati’s future — are the winners.”

Issue 44 is a five-year, 7.93-mill levy that will provide CPS with $48 million annually in new money for operations, specifically to expand access to preschool and to support community priorities for K-12 education.

CPS partnered with Cincinnati Preschool Promise in this levy to designate $15 million annually for expansion of quality, affordable preschool within Cincinnati Public Schools and through community-based providers. The United Way of Greater Cincinnati will help oversee this major preschool expansion.

CPS also would use levy revenues to expand quality school options for all grades, including strengthening neighborhood schools; preparing students for college and careers, and improving workforce readiness; extending student access to technology; and for other essential educational expenses.

Issue 44 earned endorsements from 71 groups and organizations, and five local news media outlets. Word was spread throughout the community by a campaign crew of more than 1,000 volunteers who visited homes, made phone calls, distributed yard signs and  wrote postcards.


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