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CPS Board of Education Releases Additional Results of Community Survey

March 7, 2018

CPS Board of Education Releases Results of Community Survey about FC Cincinnati Stadium Proposal

Cincinnati— The Cincinnati Public School District Board of Education today released the results of a survey the Board conducted to seek input from the Cincinnati community about the proposed FC Cincinnati Stadium. The Board appreciates the time that thousands of citizens took to provide input and ask questions about this proposed project.

The Board asked students, teachers, parents, and community members to share their thoughts and comments through a brief survey. In summary, 2,778 individuals replied to the survey. The survey initially opened on February 21st; an additional 1,068 individuals who have replied since February 28th, when the survey was reopened to get additional community input.

There was little variation of the survey results from the previous publication. There is no demographic information available about the respondents beyond their self-identification as a type of interested party.
Nearly 41 percent of the survey respondents identified as “A CPS Taxpayer.”

When asked “what issues are important to you?” respondents were permitted to check all that applied; the top five responses were:

Potential positive economic development for the West End 55.5 percent 1,539 respondents
Jobs and economic opportunity 42.81 percent 1,187 respondents
Gentrification of the West End Neighborhood 28.2 percent 782 respondents
Impact of existing tax abatements affecting CPS 26.61 percent 738 respondents
Traffic impact 26.07 percent 723 respondents

When asked "what information could be shared with you?"respondents were permitted to check all that applied; the top five responses were:

Jobs and economic benefits of the project 53.59 percent 1,478 respondents
Impact on the West End Neighborhood 50.25 percent 1,386 respondents
Tax abatement impact 43.29 percent 1,194 respondents
New or expanded soccer opportunities for CPS students 33.28 percent 918 respondents
Parking in the area 29.22 percent 806 respondents

Respondents were asked to provide additional comments to the Board; 1,285 individuals responded with comments.


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