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CPS Announces Opportunities to Create New Schools, Expand Vision 2020 and Preschool Priorities

March 17, 2017

As part of the District’s commitment to advance equity and respond to growing district enrollment by creating additional quality educational choices to meet diverse student needs, CPS is opening a new Rising Stars preschool in the former Carthage School and reopening the former North Fairmount School building. The Carthage School will be renovated and upgraded with a new play set, windows and roof, and expansion of the Carthage community garden in partnership with the neighborhood. After engaging with the community, the North Fairmount building will open as Cincinnati LEAP (Language Enrichment and Academic Proficiency) Academy, a magnet school offering Spanish language instruction

Cincinnati Public Schools also announced that the Board of Education has unanimously approved entering into a contract to purchase the Rawson Estate adjacent to the former Clifton neighborhood school.

The move follows more than a year of community discussions about the possibility of creating a new school serving the neighborhoods of Clifton, Clifton Heights, University Heights and Fairview (CUF) and Spring Grove Village, while recognizing as a neighborhood asset the Clifton Cultural Arts Center (CCAC), which leases space in the old Clifton neighborhood school building owned by CPS.

“We are thrilled with the options opened up by this purchase,” said Superintendent Mary Ronan regarding the property at 3737 Clifton Avenue, which includes a house and three parcels of land. “We believe this positions us well to relieve crowding and expand educational options in Spring Grove Village, CUF and Clifton while setting the stage for vibrant arts programming in close proximity to CCAC’s current location.”

The development is one part of the District’s larger Vision 2020 plan for growing and strengthening neighborhood schools, as well as its priority for expanding access to quality preschool. The new CUF, Clifton and Spring Grove Village school will start in August 2017 with three preschool classrooms and one kindergarten at Rising Stars on Vine Street.

“Carthage, Clifton, Clifton Heights, University Heights and Fairview (CUF) and Spring Grove Village and the North Fairmount area all will have new schools that are sources of neighborhood strength and pride,” Ronan said. “We look forward to deepening our existing partnerships in each of these neighborhoods and bringing in new partners as these new schools grow.”


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