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Parent Reimbursement in Lieu of Bus Service

As routing and scheduling is worked out for each school year, it may be determined that some students are impractical to transport. This could be because there are not enough students to justify a whole bus route, it is not cost effective to adjust a route for a single student or the route does not meet state time allowances. Ohio law allows a Board of Education to declare transportation impractical under these conditions.

When this happens, parents/guardians are eligible to receive money to help cover the cost of transporting their children to school. This is a state program that provides reimbursement only when both of these criteria are met: 1) the student is eligible for transportation but is deemed impractical to transport by CPS, and 2) the student lives one mile or more from the school.

The amount of this payment is set annually by the Ohio Department of Education, near the end of the school year (usually in May; the full payment rate for 2019-20 was $250 per student).


  • Parents are notified in writing by the Pupil Transportation Branch in August and October that the Board of Education has declared that transportation is impractical for their child(ren).
  • Parents are required to declare their agreement or disagreement in writing by the specified date.
  • Parents are notified in writing that their response to the declaration has been received.
  • Parents and guardians may dispute the decision for reimbursement by filling out the Request for Reconsideration of Payment in Lieu of Service form.
  • The process is repeated each year.


The Board of Education will mail payment checks in the amount specified by the Ohio Department of Education for payment in lieu of service in June. Parents who have agreed with the impractical-to-transport status and who have not received their payment check by July 1 should contact the CPS Access Pupil Transportation Office at (513) 363-RIDE (7433).

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