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Transportation Eligibility

Students are eligible for transportation services to Cincinnati Public Schools, non-public and charter schools when the following conditions are met:

  • The student's legal residence is located within the legal boundaries of the Cincinnati Public School District.
  • The distance between the student's legal residence and the school of attendance, when measured by the most direct public route, is a minimum of 1 mile for elementary students or students in grades 7 and 8 or a minimum of 1 1/4 miles for grade 9-12 students. All distance measurements used to determine eligibility will be calculated by CPS' Pupil Transportation routing system.
  • The student is enrolled in kindergarten to 12th grade. (Preschool students with disabilities may be eligible for transportation. Contact CPS' Early Childhood Department for information.
  • Students attending some K-12 schools — Oyler and Riverview East — will be transported by yellow bus. High school students at these K-12 schools who participate in after-school sports and club activities will receive extracurricular Metro passes to ride Metro buses home.
  • An elementary student attending a neighborhood school must reside within that school's attendance area. Students with special needs who are assigned by the Student Services Department to schools other than their neighborhood schools shall be considered within the assigned schools' transportation service areas.
  • "Transportation as a Related Service" must be specified within the student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) by the Student Services Department.
  • It takes less than 30 minutes to travel directly from the student's assigned neighborhood school to the school of attendance.
  • The transportation service for the student has not been suspended as a result of inappropriate behavior.

Transportation Service Areas

Transportation service areas may have an impact on determining a student's transportation eligibility. Service areas are described as:

Elementary Neighborhood Schools — Transportation service is offered within the established attendance boundary of the school.

Elementary Schools with Magnet Programs

  • The Cincinnati Public School District is divided into two geographic areas — East and West — for magnet programs (citywide magnet and area magnet).
  • Each neighborhood school has an area assignment.
  • Transportation service is provided to a student attending a magnet program within the assigned area (East or West).

Non-Public and Charter Schools — Transportation is provided to non-public and charter students who meet eligibility distance criteria and who reside within the Cincinnati Public School District.


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