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Metro FAQs

Why doesn't CPS provide yellow bus service for high schoolers?

The State of Ohio doesn't require transportation for high schoolers. However, CPS believes for equity purposes it is important and pays for the cost of Metro passes.

Why did Metro make this change?

Metro has stated that they made this change because of the bus driver shortage. For example, in the spring, they missed more than 300 XTRA trips, leaving students stranded.

Isn't Metro required to provide XTRA routes?

No. Per the contract, Metro is only required to provide routes. They do not specifically need to be XTRA routes.

Kids are having multiple transfers. Why?

Metro committed to no more than one transfer per student. Please contact Metro directly to discuss specific routes. Metro Customer Service can be reached at (513) 632-7575.

What is CPS doing to assist with traffic around schools?

Three schools, in particular, are experiencing traffic challenges at this time (August 23): Walnut Hills, Withrow, Aiken and Shroder. We are working with the schools, CPD, and the city to assist with traffic flow and provide additional crossing guards. In addition, we are training more of our own security staff to assist with crosswalks.

What measurements is CPS using?

  • Ridership (will be provided by Metro)
  • Tardiness
  • Absenteeism

What additional adjustments has CPS made since school started?

Please see the table below with a summary of additional adjustments made since dismissal on August 19.

We are also encouraging students and parents to share their experiences here.

What We Learned

How We're Addressing

Students learning routes

Guidance to stay on bus and driver will help

Dismissal at Western Hills and Walnut (taking too long)

Adding more buses (Example: additional Route 37 for Walnut)

Traffic control at Walnut, Withrow, Shroder, Aiken

Training additional CPS security and have requested 11 additional crossing guards and two new crosswalks from the city

Students with long commutes

Sharing individual concerns directly with Metro to adjust routes

Students arriving too early (before doors open)

Sharing individual concerns directly with Metro to adjust routes

Students with more than one transfer

Sharing individual concerns directly with Metro to adjust routes


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