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Metro Information

Cincinnati Public Schools has a long-standing relationship with the Metro bus public-transportation system, a division of the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA). Metro bus service is provided free to eligible students in grades 9-12 high schools.

The Board recently approved a change for transportation that will allow all 7th and 8th grade students to ride yellow school buses to and from school. They may choose to ride the Metro with an older sibling, but will otherwise ride the yellow buses. 

Metro bus passes will continue to be provided to 7th and 8th grade student athletes for after-school athletics. Additional transportation, bus drop-off and pick-up information for all grade levels will be provided and shared with families as it becomes available.

To find out if bad weather is slowing Metro buses, call the Metro Detour Hot Line: (513) 632-7538

Information on Metro Bus Changes

Read Metro Frequently Asked Questions

    Metro Bus Service

    Metro bus service is provided free for students in grades 7-12 using the CPS Smart Card bus pass on regularly scheduled routes. 

    How to Check Routes to and from School:

    Students and families can access the new Metro Bus schedule to determine the best routes to and from school utilizing Metro's Transit mobile app. Please ensure when checking routes that you insert the date August 19 or after.

    • Access the Trip Planner — this will take you directly to the Metro page that links to the Transit app and to Google Maps.
    • You can download the Transit App directly through the Google Play and Apple stores.
    • Transit app logo/iconThere are many transit apps available, so please be sure to download the app with this icon. 

    If you have any questions about routing, please call Metro's Customer Care Center, (513) 632-7575.

    Requesting Metro Passes for Young Children

    Parents may request permission for a child younger than 7th grade to receive a Metro bus pass so the child can ride a Metro bus to school with an older sibling.

    Metro Bus service for Cincinnati Public Schools' students, and students in the district's non-public and charter schools, begins on the first day of school.  Students will receive a postcard in the mail prior to the first day of school that will allow them a free ride to school on the first day.

    If student enrollment data is correct at the schools, students will receive new Metro Smart Card passes at school in time for the ride home on the first day. Smart Card passes can be picked up and signed for only by the student at the student's school. These Smart Card passes are to be used to and from school only.

    If a student forgets his/her Metro Smart Card pass, or has used the two rides per day allowed, payment of a regular bus fare is required upon boarding the bus.

    Metro Transfers

    Some students who ride Metro buses to and from school may have to transfer buses to reach their destination. Students do not pay for transfers. When a student gets on the next bus, the student again taps the Smart Card pass on the fare box's target area.

    Who To Call: Metro

    If you need bus route information: call (513) 621-4455 or visit Metro's website.

    If there is a fight or incident on the bus: Call Metro's customer service line at (513) 632-7575 and follow your normal student code of conduct and SRO procedures.

    If there is a fight or incident at the bus stop: Follow your normal student code of conduct and SRO procedures.

    If you need a video from a bus: call the Metro Customer Care Center at (513) 632-7575

    If a student needs a replacement pass, please email.

    • New enrollees will automatically get a new pass once enrolled in PowerSchool.
    • Parents must contact their student's school of attendance for Replacement passes.

    If a student needs a replacement pass, please email. (New enrollees will automatically get a new pass once enrolled in PowerSchool.)

    In case of lost students, school or parent contacts the Metro Customer Care Center at (513) 632-7575. Operator reports it to radio control center (RCC), and a supervisor will respond to the child's coach. The supervisor will take the child to their home/school. However, if the operator is on the way back to the garage, they will contact RCC and a supervisor will transport the child. RCC will contact the parent.

    For lost items, call the Metro lost and found at (513) 632-7699

    For Students

    CPS Metro Bus Riders Poster

    Please let your Metro driver know if:

    • You are lost
    • You miss your stop
    • Someone is bothering or threatening you
    • You feel sick or need medical help

    Your driver can call for help.

    Transportation Contact

    CPS Access Pupil Transportation

    Phone: (513) 363-RIDE (7433)

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