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Transportation FAQs

CPS Transportation Help — Parent/Family FAQs

How do I contact Transportation for assistance? 

Many common questions are answered below and on this page. (Please check this page first.)

If your question is not answered there, call (513) 363-RIDE or email.

Where can I find my child's route information and pick up/drop off times?

This information can be accessed in your PowerSchool account by clicking on "Bus Info" on the left side of the page. This is available for CPS families only. If you do not have a parent PowerSchool account, please contact your child's school or the Family Technology Support Help Desk at (513) 363-0688.

Transportation information will only appear on the web-based application and not the mobile app. See further instructions.

How will I receive my child's metro pass?

If your child is eligible for the Metro Pass, a Pass will be ordered for your child and will be ready for pickup within 10 business days. For CPS schools, passes will be delivered to the school and distributed. For non-public or charter schools, the Pass can be picked up at the Education Center located at 2651 Burnet Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45219.

How can I change where my child is picked up or dropped off? 

Please complete a Yellow Bus Changing Service Request (Deviated Childcare Request). 

How can I check whether my request for a change in service has been approved? 

Please allow up to ten business days for your request to be evaluated. If your request is approved, you will receive a postcard with the new route information. If the request cannot be approved, you will receive written notification. 

Do you have technology that would allow me to see where the bus is located or when it will arrive? It's late or it never showed up. 

MyStop LogoMyStop is a mobile phone application that tracks real-time information on the estimated time of arrival of your child's assigned school bus. The application does not provide identifying information about your child to a third party, nor does it show the current exact location of the bus for security and safety reasons. It does, however, give you the ability to receive updates and know when your child’s bus will arrive at the designated stop on any day that school is in session.

The MyStop app is free in the iPhone App Store or Google Play. Find instructions here.

If your child's bus does not stop at the scheduled stop at all, please report to the Transportation Call Center by calling (513) 363-RIDE or by emailing.

How can I find my password or reset my password for the MyStop app?

If you need assistance in resetting your password, please call (513) 363-RIDE or email.

How can I find my password or reset my password for PowerSchool?

If you need assistance in resetting your password, please call (513) 363-0688, email or call your child's school.

If I'm from a non-public or charter school, how do I request transportation service?

Please complete a Transportation Service Request form.

Where can I get the form needed to change existing transportation services?

Please complete a Yellow Bus Changing Service Request (Deviated Childcare Request). 

Why doesn't my child have transportation services? 

This may be due to a number of reasons. Check whether your child is eligible for transportation services

If your child is eligible, please contact your child's school to ensure they have completed the enrollment, school transfer, address changes, or service request form (if charter or non-public school), as appropriate for your situation. If your child's school has updated PowerSchool appropriately, please allow up to 10 business days, depending on the service and/or route details.

How can I get help with PowerSchool or MyStop apps?

Find instructions here.

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