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Rosetta Stone LogoCincinnati Public Schools’ students, staff and parents now have Rosetta Stone - an online language-learning program - free at their fingertips.

Thanks to a Straight A grant awarded to the Cincinnati Public Schools’ English as a Second Language and Foreign Language Departments, districtwide licensing for Rosetta Stone has been purchased.

Founded in 1992, Rosetta Stone pioneered the use of interactive software for learning languages. The company took its name, "Rosetta Stone," from the ancient artifact that unlocked the secrets of Egyptian hieroglyphics.

To request a CPS Rosetta Stone account:

  • Parents (or guardians) of CPS students
  • CPS students, grades 4-12 who are not enrolled in an English language or foreign-language class
    (All CPS English-language and foreign-language students receive Rosetta Stone accounts during classes.)

Participants must

  1. Have a valid email address.
  2. Have a computer with Internet access, USB headset with microphone for voice-recognition component, the latest version of Adobe Flash and Java, and access to an Internet browser of your choice.
  3. Complete all Rosetta Stone lessons and activities outside the regular school day.
  4. Use the account. No activity over a six-week period will result in cancelation of the Rosetta Stone account.
  5. Understand that technology support is not provided by CPS or school personnel. Support is available from the Rosetta Stone’s online Help services.

After requesting an account:

A Rosetta Stone login will be emailed within five days to the email address provided on the account request.

After receiving login information: Parents/guardians of Cincinnati Public Schools' students - Access to Rosetta Stone

After receiving login information:  CPS' student access to Rosette Stone.

To use Rosetta Stone on a personal handheld device:

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question here? Contact Dawn Miklavcic.

Q: After I submit my request, when will I get my login information?
A:  Login information is entered as quickly as possible. Our goal is to email it to you within a day, but it could take up to five days. Contact Dawn Miklavcic if no email arrives after five days.

Q: What does my computer need to run Rosetta Stone?
A:  Computers need the most recent versions of Adobe Flash and Java. Click “First Time User” on the login screen, and it will check your computer and provide links to help you update to the newest versions.

Q: I'm not sure how to work the program screens. Is there training available?    
A: Yes.  Here's a training video. Or, click "Support" within the Rosetta Stone program, or call Rosetta Stone: (877) 223-9848 (with multilingual support).

Q: Can I learn several languages with my CPS Rosetta Stone account?
A: Yes, but please finish, or attempt, one language at a time. Sign up again to learn your next language; we have the grant until 2020.

Q: Will my account be closed if I'm away for awhile?
A: Yes. The program will deactivate your Rosetta Stone account after 60 days of no use.

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