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Playbook, a software program created by CPS, gives students personalized “plays” to complete so that they stay on track with all of their learning objectives. It’s all online, and students can access it from anywhere — through school laptops, their own personal tablet, even their smartphone. Playbook accesses eight student data systems to create customized “plays” for each student related to college and career readiness, and academic needs. Through one single sign on app, students have access to the tools that address every aspect of their learning experience:

  • Aimsweb (assessment skills for individualized learning)
  • ALEKS (math learning system for grades 3-12)
  • Apex (digital curriculum and content)
  • Schoology (classroom pages)
  • Dashboard (assessment)
  • EasyTech (tech skill training for students)
  • Google Apps for Education (email, calendars, document storage and shared documents)
  • Naviance (strength and learning style assessments, career exploration and college preparedness activities)
  • PowerSchool (attendance management and progress reporting)

Everything is tailored to the individual, right down to the avatar that students select to help guide them through the program. Playbook is constantly analyzing information from ALL of these programs and creating My Playbook — the “plays” that will help students improve their performance.

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