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Technology Tools

Putting the Future in the Hands of our Students and Staff

Our world is driven by technology. We must prepare our students for this world by shifting how we teach. My Tomorrow has introduced more technology into classrooms to give students greater exposure to the tools that are used in college and the workplace. Digital devices and software add a dynamic element that keeps students interested, but it’s not just about using the latest technology. Students are also learning about "digital citizenship," or making smart choices in their day-to-day lives and their social networks.

Student Technology Tools Flier

Mobile Devices in Classrooms

To make sure our students and teachers are ready for the tools of the 21st century, our schools are equipped with a variety of technology:

  • 1 to 1 student laptops at grades 4-12
  • Shared laptop carts for grades 2-3
  • iPad tablets for preschool through 1st grade
  • Classroom projectors or interactive display boards

Free Wi-Fi for CPS Students

In July 2020, Cincinnati Public Schools partnered with Cincinnati Bell to give students free internet service. The program continues to be available to all CPS students. 

Device Repair

Student device repair is available! The first step is to contact the Building Technology Coordinator in your school. In addition, families can contact the Family Technology Support Center at (513) 363-0688 to determine if the issue can be resolved over the phone.

Google Apps for Education

Cincinnati Public Schools has committed to Google Apps for Education to provide seamless access for parents, students and staff with the focus of supporting student success. Every student has a digital space to store their work and share with teachers and classmates.  They can access this digital space from school, home, or anywhere, any time.

Google Apps for Education

Schoology Learning Management System

Schoology allows teachers to engage students in exciting new ways, reaching them via their electronic devices.


Protecting Digital Devices

We're educating students, too, about the steps they need to take to stay safe in the physical and digital worlds. Please review our steps for protecting digital devices by being safe.

Family Technology Support Center

Technology throws a curve ball occasionally when software is going haywire or a laptop simply will not start.

For CPS students and their families, help is a phone call away by dialing the Family Technology Support Center, (513) 363-0688 or emailing. Tech support is available in English and Spanish from 8 a.m.–6 p.m., Monday through Friday when school is in session.

The Family Technology Support Center has been created to assist students and their families when they are not at a CPS school. 

Some examples of available tech support include:

  • Resetting passwords for Google, Schoology and PowerSchool
  • Troubleshooting connection issues
  • Logging into the computer
  • Offering assistance with Google Meet, Calendar, Gmail and standard software
  • Coordinating the repair of a CPS device that is damaged, broken or not working


Monitoring is a key to a student’s success. Tools that allow parents to follow their children’s progress also enable teachers to shape curriculum to meet students' needs, and testing provides valuable feedback on a student’s progress.

PowerSchool — Accessed through your computer, PowerSchool allows both parents and students to keep track of academic progress on a daily basis in a private and password-protected program.

K-12 Testing — Testing throughout the school year provides teachers opportunities to determine a student's skill level and to adjust to a student's academic needs. Testing is required for students wishing to enter programs with advanced curriculum and is required for graduation and entrance into college.

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