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Sadly, youth suicide is an issue in communities across the nation, including Greater Cincinnati. The streaming Netflix Series 13 Reasons Why has prompted concerns among educators and mental-health professionals about the potential of teenagers “binge watching” the series without appropriate adult guidance and support. The following information is adapted from the National Association for School Psychologists (NASP):

Talking Points - 13 Reasons Why series
Information for Parents and Educators

Letter from Superintendent Ronan and CPS Board of Education (5/11/2017) -13 Reasons Why series

Student Safety Top Priority

The safety and well-being of your children is a top priority for Cincinnati Public Schools. Here are the steps we’re taking to assure your children are learning in stress-free, healthy environments.

Letter to Parents from Superintendent Ronan (February 2016)   Spanish 

Talking to Children about Suicide and Depression:

Talking to Children About Violence:

Bullying and Sexting

Bullying can happen in many forms: verbal, written, physical, graphic, electronic or cyber.

If you are being bullied, tell a trusted adult. The staff at Cincinnati Public Schools will assist students and parents who come forward with bullying issues. We want our students to be safe and focused on learning.

Safety in our Schools

Security Badges - Security badges are required for anyone who is inside CPS’ buildings or on campuses on a regular basis, and temporary badges with photo I.Ds. are required for one-time visitors.

Emergency Response - Working closely with community organizations, Cincinnati Public Schools continues to test and improve its emergency response and crisis management programs.

Anti-Idling - The Anti-Idling Campaign aims to decrease air pollution around schools caused by idling car and bus engines.

Truancy - Cincinnati Public Schools and the Cincinnati Police Department are working together on a program that encourages citizens to report students suspected of skipping school and helps identify underlying issues hindering a student’s ability to attend classes.

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