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Teens, what's in your lunch?

Packed lunchThis packed lunch photo was taken at a current CPS school at lunch time. If you check out the graphs below, you will see that when compared with a school provided lunch, it is almost DOUBLE in calories and fat.

Convenience foods such as chips, cookies, soda, and energy drinks definitely taste good, but what are they doing to your body? A diet that is high in sugar and fat while being low in vitamins and nutrients can leave you feeling tired, weak, and irritable. It can even affect your overall height, weight, and performance in sports and school.

So what can healthy eating do for you? 

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Why Eat Healthy?
No Time for Breakfast? It's Free!
Healthy Packed Lunches
Peer Pressure

Nutrition Comparison

Below is a nutrition comparison of a CPS school lunch versus a typical packed lunch. First calorie content is compared, then fiber and fat content

Calorie Content Comparison Chart

Fiber and Fat Content Comparison Chart

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