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Everyday eating tips, games and more for Kids

Why Eat Healthy?

There are many reasons to eat well.

  • Eating healthier foods like fruits, vegetables, milk, and lean meat can help you grow by adding important ingredients to your diet that help you build strong bones and muscles.
  • Healthy foods can also help increase your brain power! This helps you in school and when you play.
  • Eating the right foods can give you the energy you need to keep you going throughout the day.

Everyday Eating

5 Fruits and Vegetables Each Day

Try different fruits and vegetables at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You never know what you might love, and all fruits and vegetables help you grow and learn!

2 Hours or Less of Screen Time

This includes computers, TV, and cell phones. Less screen time gives you time to do other things like try a new hobby or Learn how to make fun food! Most importantly you have more time to play outside just like the #1 suggests below.

1 Hour or More of Physical Activity

Get out and PLAY! Try a new sport or play outside with friends.

0 Sugary Drinks

This includes drinks like soda, juice, and flavored drinks. Try drinking more water and milk to help you build strong bones so you can grow taller!

Healthy Lunches - Games

Make Food Fun

Fun ways to make lunches with your parents help

Build Your Own Lunch

Activity to help you figure out what you like in your school lunches

Pack Your Lunch!

Activity will help you pick out healthy foods

Pack This, Not That

This game will teach you what to and what not to pack in your lunch

More Games

Resource for fun games that will teach you about eating healthy

Print Outs

Fruits & Veggies Passport
Fruits & Veggies Trading Cards

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