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Healthy Lunches

School Lunches Provide Healthy Choices

Are there actual requirements for what they serve to your children in school lunches? Is it possible that your child may get a healthier meal from the school lunchroom than they do from your packed lunches? Strict dietary guidelines are in place from the USDA, and all Cincinnati Public Schools meet those requirements.

Are school meals healthier and more cost effective than what you might prepare to send to school for your children? The answer may surprise you: YES!

Save Time and Cost

It all comes down to what the time and cost is involved in packing a lunch each day. It also boils down to whether or not your packed lunch is one that your child will eat, as opposed to one that he or she doesn't like, or may eat only a portion of the food served.

Nutritious and Balanced

School lunches are in fact healthier, as far as nutrients and a balanced meal, than some home packed meals. In fact, only 1% of packed lunches contain the same nutrition value that a school lunch provides. Researchers have found that lunches brought from home were less likely to contain fruits, vegetables, and dairy, and were higher in fat and sugar versus those purchased at school.

The Benefits of School Lunch

The reality is that it is less time-consuming and penny-wise to have your student choose a school lunch with the balanced diet, lower fat, and portion control that Cincinnati Public School lunches offer.

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