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Chronic Diseases/Illnesses

Chronic diseases and illnesses can cause frequent absences from school, which impacts students' learning.

Allergies — There are very serious allergies, such as food allergies, that require emergency medications (Epipen). Seasonal allergies can be managed with medicine, and prevented by reducing dust and other allergens in the home.

Asthma — This is the most common chronic disease causing absenteeism and illness in children, especially in urban areas. Control of the illness with medication can greatly improve school performance and attendance.

How to decrease asthma triggers

Diabetes — Because of the epidemic of obesity, more children are being diagnosed with the adult form of diabetes. The second type, childhood diabetes, is caused by a loss of insulin production in the body. The most common symptom before diagnosis is frequent urination and intense thirst. These diseases can have a serious impact on health and should be treated immediately.

Seizures — It's important for parents to notify schools about students who may experience seizures, and provide proper emergency medicine and plans.

Sickle Cell Disease — Management of this illness can decrease the pain and disability caused by this disease. The school can help by developing an individualized health plan with the nurse.

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