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As parents of students, you fill out a lot of forms. We’re making this task easier by listing here many of the forms you’ll need, or providing direct links to information about specific forms. Forms of interest to the community also are listed.  

Applying and Registering to Enroll

Application Calendar

Student Registration Form (For Registering in all CPS schools — Preschool - 12)

Student Registration Information Form (revised July 2018)

Proof of Residency

Residency includes the following: being physically present in a household for significant periods of time; where important family activities take place each day including sleeping, eating, working, relaxing and playing; where the parent receives mail or where the parent is registered to vote, if applicable. (Proving Residency: Proof of residency shall be required for all newly enrolled students and any student whose address changes.) 

Student Change of Information

Paper Application Forms — non-lottery sections only

Magnet Schools



High Schools


Families and Students


Grades 7 and 8

High School (Grades 9-12)

Information about Eligibility

Credit Flexibility Program 

Gifted Program

Kindergarten Early Entrance

      Food Services 

      Health Forms 

      Military Connection

      Cincinnati Public Schools would like your help to ensure the unique needs of military-connected students are met. Cincinnati Public Schools is required to identify students whose parent(s) are in the U.S. Armed Forces (Active Duty or Reserve status) or in the National Guard.

      If your child is affiliated with the military, complete the form below and return the form to your child's school office.


      Student Fees

        Student Internet Use

        Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and Mobile Device Agreement (MDA) 2018-19:
        (Student signatures will be obtained digitally at school)

        Student Privacy

        Student Records 

        (Details on inactive and active status)


            • Metro Bus (public transportation) - high school students

            Metro Bus Transportation Waiver - 2018-19 (to allow a child to ride Metro Bus with older sibling) 

            • Yellow Bus - elementary school students

            Requesting Bus Service (or seeking reinstatement of bus service) - 2018-19
            Requesting Change in Bus Service - 2018-19
            Latch Key and/or Alternative Stop Supervision Request - 2018-19
            Metro Bus Transportation Waiver  -2018-19 (to allow a child to ride Metro Bus with older sibling) 

            Work Permit

            District Business

              Internal Auditor

              Facilities Rental

              Research Proposals

              Security Badges


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