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2-hour Delay: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Two-Hour Delays

What is a “two-hour delay”?

For Cincinnati Public Schools, a two-hour delay applies to elementary schools only and means that yellow-bus service will be delayed two hours from the regular morning pick-up times.

At CPS’ four K-12 schools, the two-hour delay applies to elementary school students only. Students in upper grades at K-12 schools who ride Metro buses should report to bus stops and schools at the regular start times.

Why is a two-hour delay necessary?

The superintendent’s team (representatives from our bus vendors and CPS administrators and facilities staff, with information from weather-reporting services and city of Cincinnati road maintenance employees) will declare a two-hour delay only for elementary school students to allow time for icy or snowy road conditions to improve so that buses can safely drive the routes. Sometimes, a two-hour delay is called to allow time for extreme temperatures to warm up a bit.

During a two-hour delay, may I bring my child to school at the regular start time (due to a parent’s work schedule, lack of child care at home, etc.)?

Yes. Staff will be in the schools — elementary, high schools and K-12 buildings — at the school’s regular start times to supervise students. Teachers will use this time for review and enrichment lessons; no new material will be introduced. After the two-hour delay ends, the normal school-day schedule will be followed.

How can parents find out if schools are on a two-hour delay or closed for the day?

There are several ways to get this information:

  1. Automated phone calls from CPS to all parents/guardians who are in CPS’ database.
  2. CPS’ mobile app, which sends information to your Smartphone or tablet. Download the CPS app from CPS’ website:
  3. Home page of CPS’ website:
  4. Local TV and radio stations (live and on stations’ websites)

Will breakfast and lunch be offered on two-hour delay days?

Yes, breakfast and lunch will be offered to students on a two-hour delay day.

Breakfast will be available beginning at the normally scheduled times until the start of the delayed school day. For example: If breakfast normally is offered from 7:15 a.m. to 7:35 a.m. (at a school that starts at 7:45 a.m.), breakfast will be available 7:15 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. during a two-hour delay.

Lunch will be served at the regularly scheduled times during a two-hour delay, unless the school’s principal requests a different time.

Will school dismissal times be delayed?

No. Dismissal at all schools will be at the regularly scheduled time.

Why do high schools not have two-hour delays?

CPS high school students ride Metro buses (public transportation) to and from school. Metro bus schedules cannot be adjusted to accommodate CPS’ two-hour delays, so high schools will open at the regular start times with school staff in the buildings. Metro buses will run as close to normal schedules as weather and road conditions permit.

What about children in preschool — how does a two-hour delay affect them?

No preschool bus service will be offered when a two-hour delay is called. Preschool classes will be held on a two-hour delay day, but parents who want their children to attend preschool classes that day must provide transportation to and from school.

Printable PDF - Frequently Asked Questions  about CPS' Two-hour Delay Procedure (updated 11-30-2016)

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