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Interested in Preschool?

We have high-quality, 4- and 5-Star-rated preschools ready to enroll your child. Call (513) 363-0240 for more information. Or, fill out the preschool interest form, and you will be contacted about a CPS preschool for your child.

Preschool registration — for both magnet and neighborhood schools — is handled online or at four hub schools located around the Cincinnati Public School District.

Online Student Registration 

How to Make an Appointment

Preschool Registration appointments are accepted between 8 a.m.3 p.m., Monday through Friday. A convenient Preschool Registration location will be determined when scheduling your appointment. 

Social distancing — people sitting or standing a minimum of 6 feet apart — will be required for all appointments. Safety measures are in place at all locations, such as hand-sanitizer pumps, plastic barriers, 6-foot marked floor spaces and staggered visitor entry. 

To make an appointment, call a Preschool Registration Hub at (513) 363-0240.

  • Rising Stars at Vine, Option 1
  • LEAP Academy, Option 2
  • Rising Stars at Carthage, Option 3

(To determine your preschool's Hub, see the chart below.)

  • Hub 1 — Rising Stars at Vine
  • Hub 2 — LEAP Academy
  • Hub 3 — Rising Stars at Carthage School
  • Hub 4 — Rising Stars at Cheviot/Westwood

Preschool Registration Hubs addresses: School Finder

Hub 1 — Rising Stars Academy at Vine Hub 2 — LEAP Academy Hub 3 — Rising Stars Academy at Carthage  Hub 4 — Rising Stars at Cheviot/Westwood

Academy of World Languages (AWL)

Carson School Academy of Multilingual Immersion Studies (AMIS) Rising Stars at Cheviot/Westwood

Rising Stars at Aiken New Tech/College Hill

Chase School Bond Hill Academy  

Clifton Area Neighborhood School (CANS)

Cheviot School

Rising Stars at Carthage


Dater Montessori

College Hill Fundamental Academy Frederick Douglass School  

Rising Stars at Ezzard Charles

Gamble Montessori and Rising Stars Academy at Gamble Evanston Academy  

Fairview-Clifton at Rising Stars at Vine

Hays-Porter School John P. Parker School  

Mt. Washington School

LEAP Academy Pleasant Ridge Montessori  

North Avondale Montessori

Midway School Rockdale Academy  

Parker Woods Montessori

Mt. Airy School Roselawn Condon School  

Pleasant Ridge Montessori

Oyler School Silverton Elementary School  

Rising Stars at Vine

Pleasant Hill Academy

South Avondale School  

Rising Stars at Riverview East Academy

Rees E. Price Academy W. H. Taft Elementary  

Rothenberg Academy

Roberts Academy

Winton Hills Academy

Sands Montessori

Roll Hill School

Woodford Academy  
  Sayler Park School


  Ethel M. Taylor Academy




Information Required for Preschool Registration 

A parent or legal guardian must bring the required documentation when registrating a child for preschool. The registration process into preschool will not begin until all required documents are received.

Required Documentation

Preschool Qualifications


A copy of the child's immunization record must be in the child's preschool file.


Families must pay tuition for preschool or be income eligible for reduced rates. 

Tuition (2021-22)   Deposits are due, and must be paid, at registration.

  • $3,700 per school year for half-day preschool ($500 deposit and 8 monthly payments of $400)
  • $7,000 per school year for full-day preschool ($800 deposit and 8 monthly payments of $775)

For families whose incomes place them at or below 250 percent of the federal poverty guidelines, various grants may be applied to assist with free or reduced tuition.    

Neighborhood School Preschool Registration 

Parents may register a child into their assigned neighborhood elementary school at any time by visiting the Preschool Registration Hub assigned to that school to submit required documents and the completed CPS Student Registration Information Form. Students eligible for preschool at a neighborhood school follow the enrollment guidelines for Neighborhood Schools. Children must be 3 years old to attend preschool.

Youngsters who have siblings already enrolled in a neighborhood school may apply to that school's preschool program early for the upcoming school year.

Magnet School Preschool Application and Registration 

Applications to magnet school preschools are submitted online during the annual magnet application period. All eligible preschool students are put on waiting lists and sent a letter, pending a review of the application by CPS' Early Childhood Department. Registration to enroll your child does not mean your child has been accepted into a magnet preschool.

Age Requirements

  • Applicants to magnet school preschools must be age 3 or 4 by September 30.
  • Children who turn 5 by September 30 and are age-eligilbe for kindergarten should apply to kindergarten.

A child accepted into a magnet preschool who lives within CPS' district boundaries may stay in that magnet school for higher grades without reapplying.

Families who live outside CPS' boundaries (Open Enrollment students) with children in CPS preschools must reapply for kindergarten.

Magnet Preschools

West —

  • Dater Montessori School (preschool to grade 6)
  • Gamble Montessori Elementary School (preschool to 6)
  • LEAP Academy (preschool to grade 4)
  • Parker Woods Montessori School (preschool to grade 6)
  • Roberts Academy (preschool to grade 8)

East —

  • North Avondale Montessori School (preschool to grade 6)
  • Sands Montessori School (preschool to grade 6)
  • Silverton Academy (preschool to grade 6)
  • Woodford Academy (preschool to grade 6)

Citywide —

  • Academy of Multilingual Immersion Studies (AMIS) (preschool to grade 8)
  • Academy of World Languages (AWL) (preschool to grade 8)
  • Fairview-Clifton German Language School (preschool to grade 6)
  • William H. Taft School (preschool to grade 6)

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