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How to Register and Enroll Your Child in Our Neighborhood Schools

Find School AssignmentUse CPS' Interactive Cropper Map System in School Finder to find and view your School Assignment by School Name and Street Name.

Great schools, caring teachers, proud parents and state-of-the-art school buildings. That’s what Cincinnati Public Schools offers your family right in the center of your community.

Serving grades preschool to six (with a few offering grades 7-8, too), our neighborhood elementary schools are Community Learning Centers  that give students the skills and confidence they need to become leaders when their time comes.

Our neighborhood schools go beyond academics to support the whole child with health services, after-school programs, family support activities and more.

Students are assigned to neighborhood elementary schools according to their home addresses. The district determines the boundaries for each school. To find the elementary school assignment for a specific address, use our online Interactive Cropper Map System in School Finder.

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