• Vision 2020: Environmental Science

    At Pleasant Hill Academy, our school grounds are part of the learning experience. We will be a hands-on school that teaches critical thinking, leadership and problem solving, taking our lessons outside to the 18 acres of beautiful nature around us.

    Learners grow into leaders with Pleasant Hill Academy’s Environmental Science focus, the first public school program of its kind in the region. Designed to inspire curiosity, encourage exploration, and promote leadership and critical-thinking skills, the Environmental Science Program takes full advantage of the school’s extensive, 18-acre grounds to offer hands-on learning across all subject areas.

    At Pleasant Hill Academy, we cultivate top scholars through proven teaching methods used to spark each student’s natural interest in learning – laying a strong foundation for high school and beyond. We seek to engage our students to be active participants in the classroom – enabling them to take charge of their learning and empowering them to achieve their dreams. Our program helps students learn to think critically, work collaboratively and act boldly – preparing them for leadership when their opportunities arise.

    The Environmental Science Program at Pleasant Hill Academy

    At Pleasant Hill Academy, students don’t just learn academic concepts, they see them in action through experiential learning in the school’s resource-rich outdoor classroom. Program benefits include:

    • Hands-on, outdoor learning experiences aligned with classroom lessons to show students how to apply what they’re learning in the real world.
    • Activities that invite inquiry and discovery – allowing students to exercise critical thinking skills
    • Opportunities to design student/teacher-led  project-based activities
    • Creative nature exploration for preschoolers that builds problem-solving and social skills
    • Enrichment opportunities that include real-life experiences and community events with Greater Cincinnati Partnerships
    • Participation in Science education that incorporates outdoor skills with individual or collaborative activities

    The Pleasant Hill Academy Advantage:

    • Small class sizes for individualized attention
    • Special services for students identified as academically gifted
    • Customized education plans designed to meet each student’s learning needs
    • Highly qualified, caring teachers with advanced degrees
    • Daily blocks of 90 minutes of reading and mathematics
    • Free kindergarten-readiness program for four-year-olds
    • A summer learning program that extends the school year by one month
    • All-day preschool and kindergarten
    • Free breakfast for all students
    • Free after-school program until 4:30 p.m. each day
    • School wellness programs that promote healthy eating, ample exercise and strong character
    • Access to a variety of programs and clubs, including Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

    To enroll your child at Pleasant Hill Academy, call (513) 363-4300.

  • The Future Is Waiting. But We’re Not.

    Pleasant Hill Academy’s partnerships with community organizations – such as the Cincinnati Nature Center, the Civic Garden Center and Keep Cincinnati Beautiful – and an onsite public library branch offer additional programs for students.


    Ohio State University - 4H Program
    Civic Garden Center
    LNCI (Leave No Child Inside)
    College Hill Gardeners
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