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    Fax: 513-363-2920
    Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:40 a.m. - 2:10 p.m.

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    Mailing Address: 5051 Anderson Place, Cincinnati, OH 45227

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      Administration/Office Personnel

      Name Position Phone Email
      Dr. Kimberly Mack Principal 513-363-2900
      Alecia McCall Sr. Support Specialist 513-363-2901
      Kori Harris Sr. Support Specialist 513-363-2906
      Courtney Biegger Psychologist 513-363-2913
      Danielle(Dani) Brown Children's Home 513-363-2922
      Michelle Christian VT/ Social Worker 513-363-2950
      George Engleman Security 513-363-2985
      Robert Pearcy Security


      Name Subject Team/Grade Phone Email
      Allen, Milbeth MH 2-5 513-363-2928
      Blessing, Jamie ELA 5th and 6th 513-363-2961
      Bobbitt, Darwin Math 5th and 6th 513-363-2970
      Breitenbach, Kelsey 1st 513-363-2936
      Clay, Babette 2nd 513-363-2960
      Daniels, Rhonda Intervention Specialist 5th/6th ELA 513-363-2926
      Davis-Taylor, Dionna ELA/ Social Studies 3rd 513-363-2971
      Miller, Michael Physical Education K-6 513-363-2962
      Garland, Ashley Intervention Specialist 5th/6th Math 513-363-2958
      Hopping, Amy Math/Science 3rd 513-363-2943
      Jackson, Angela MH KG-4th 513-363-2983
      Koesters, Cathy Intervention Specialist KG-2nd 513-363-2935
      Kroner, Lori Pre-K 513-363-2947
      Linville, Tracie Math Specialist k-6 513-363-2982
      Loukoumidis, Stacey 2nd 513-363-2965
      Malloy, Susan Art/ Technology 513-363-2956/513-363-2939
      Marengo, Jamie Docial Studies 5th/6th 513-363-2953
      Mash, Christy Occupational Therapist 513-835-2130
      Mayfield, Michelle ELA & Social Studies 4th 513-363-2972
      McCudden, Pam Pre-K 513-363-2963
      Otting, Emily Intervention Specialist 3rd 513-363-2951
      Robinson, Mandi Intervention Specialist 4th 513-363-2951
      Schmidt, Ellen 1st 513-363-2952
      Scott, Terry Science 5th/6th 513-363-2929
      Siler, Paige KG 513-363-2934

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