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  • Phone: 513-363-2100
    Fax: 513-363-2120
    Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:10 a.m. - 3:40 p.m.

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    Mailing Address: 3689 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45220

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      Administration/Office Personnel

      Name Position Phone Email
      Savannah Rabal Principal 513-363-2190
      Jibrea Perryman Assistant Principal 513-363-2191
      Vicki Bush Senior Support Specialist 513-363-2103
      Tiffany Tucker Senior Support Specialist 513-363-2102
      Allison Sears Resource Coordinator 513-363-2160
      Rebecca Tepe School Social Worker 513-363-2175


      Name Subject Team/Grade Phone Email Sort Order
      Diane Turner Kindergarten 513-363-2134
      Jeanne Smith Kindergarten 513-363-2130
      Collen Hetzel Kindergarten 513-363-2155
      Ashley McDade Kindergarten 513-363-2139
      Diane Valentine Kindergarten 513-363-2135
      Becky Armbruster 1st Grade 513-363-2179
      Abigail Weitzel 1st Grade 513-363-2159
      Gail Knight 1st Grade 513-363-2153
      Hannah Durman 1st Grade 513-363-2143
      Helena Hill 1st Grade 513-363-2155
      Leslie Kubicki 2nd Grade 513-363-2150
      Susan Brown 2nd Grade 513-363-2163
      Janet Cross/Priya Schmitt 2nd Grade 513-363-2154
      Hannah St. John 2nd Grade 513-363-2165
      Terry Hudepohl 3rd Grade 513-363-2142
      Emily Durbin 3rd Grade 513-363-2167
      Molly Messineo 3rd Grade 513-363-2156
      Haley Hardman 3rd Grade 513-363-2138
      Stacey Buening-Koontz ELA 4th Grade 513-363-2162
      Elena Halbeisen Science / Soc. St. 4th Grade 513-363-2168
      Jennifer Miller Math 4th Grade 513-363-2161
      Sarah Boeres Science/Soc. St. 5th Grade 513-363-2144
      Bridget Shen German 5th Grade 513-363-2166
      Tamara Schweitzer ELA 5th Grade 513-363-2164
      Doug Werling Math 5th Grade 513-363-2158

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