Degrees and Certifications:

Principal Pia Headen

Pia P. Headen has been in education for over two decades including paraprofessional roles, teacher roles, and principal roles. After gaining her Bachelor's in Education from Central State University and a Master’s degree from Grand Canyon University her purpose started to become clear regarding her student-facing role. She has a deep passion to advance the overall experience for her students.

With that in mind, Principal Headen has recently helped build a Mindpeace room for Ethel M. Taylor Academy which resulted in her presentation at the 2018 MindPeace Summit titled “Optimizing Resources.” 

Principal Headen has also served as the Co Project Lead for Proctor & Gamble, Central State University and Kentucky State University HBCU Back to school campaign in 2022. She is trained as a Certified Specialists in Restorative Practices and dedicated to the whole list of learning for all of her students. 

Principal Headen is grateful to serve in her role as Principal at Ethel M. Taylor Academy.

All the best, 

Pia P. Headen

Our Mission: It is the mission of Ethel M. Taylor Academy (EMTA) to utilize innovative methods to provide experiences for children to reach their educational and personal potential while nurturing their self-esteem and self-confidence.  

Our Vision: EMTA will be a recognized school of excellence that prepares children for a changing world.  

Our Why: The EMTA community will love, inspire, and empower one another to be independent thinkers, effective collaborators, and productive members of society.