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  • Phone: 513-363-1600  
    Fax: 513-363-1620 
    Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:45 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.

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    Mailing Address: 1625 Cedar Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45224

Our Location

      Administration/Office Personnel

      Name Position Phone Email
      Lauren Shockley-Smith Principal 513-363-1600
      Amy Scherz Sr. Support Specialist 513-363-1600
      Susan McManus Sr. Support Specialist 513-363-1600
      Kitty Pare School Comm Coord 513-363-1663
      Diane Baldwin PT baldwid@cps-k12 org
      Roseanne Bays Psychologist 513-363-1613
      Mike Beasley Security 513-363-1674
      Becky Bushman GCBHS Therapist 513-363-1664
      Mike Frazier Plant Operator 513-363-1615
      Ellie Hausfeld OT
      Adrienne Keith GCBHS Therapist 513-363-1676
      Kara Perry GCBHS Therapist 513-363-1675
      Michelle Spaw Lunchroom Mgr 513-363-1698


      Name Subject Team/Grade Phone Email
      Daphne Adams Math/Sci 4th 513-363-1662
      Janet Baxter ELA/SS 4th 513-363-1639
      Kasandre Brown 2nd 513-363-1634
      Vivian Brunson ALC Paraprofessional 513-363-1673
      Jasmine Butcher 3rd 513-363-1643
      Vicki Cole-Jama Intervention Specialist 513-363-1646
      Mike Collopy PE 513-363-1649
      Andrea Daniels Strides 513-363-1625
      Thelma Dorn Intervention Specialist 513-363-1628
      Heather Fuller Autism paraprofessional
      Nicole Hardin 1st 513-363-1636
      Lisa Hausler Intervention Specialist 513-363-1647
      Patricia Hays Paraprofessional hayspat@cps-k12/org
      MJ Healy Media/Tech Librarian/Tech Coord 513-363-1657
      Jeramy Holmes PreK PreK 513-363-1632
      Shantel Howell Math Specialist 513-363-1626
      Malaika Huey ELA/SS 6th 513-363-1622
      Taylor Jacobs 1st 513-363-1648
      Marjorie Jones 3rd 513-363-1638
      Kane Kallenberger Music Music 513-363-1607
      John Lamping Intervention Specialist
      Bev Lewis 3rd 513-363-1640
      Linda Linthicum 2nd 513-363-1614
      Natalie Linz Speech/Language 513-363-1658
      Theresa Martin 3-6 Autism Unit 513-363-1623

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