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  • Phone: 513-363-1800
    Fax: 513-363-1820
    Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:50 a.m. - 3:20 p.m.

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    Mailing Address: 1908 Seymour Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45237

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      Administration/Office Personnel

      Name Position Phone Email
      Bagayoko, Kelley Principal 363-1800
      Lastra, Erika Assistant Principal 363-1861
      Ross, Harlanda Sr. Support Specialist 363-1801
      Davis, Melingqua Sr. Support Specialist 363-1805
      Griffin, Christopher Operational Para 363-1800
      Buehler, Jill Nurse 363-1821
      Shonk, Wendy School Psychologist 363-1891
      Roush, April School Psychologist 363-1891
      Martin, Daryan Counselor 363-1817
      Jump, Kathleen School Social Worker 363-1874 *
      Lewis, Brandi School Social Worker 363-1874
      Dohn, Natalia Central Clinic - Therapist 513-846-4051 / 363-1813
      TBD Therapist - Talbert House 363-1839
      TBD Talbert House - Case Manager 363-1839 *
      Suer, Nancy Occupational Therapist 363-1826
      Stover, Lisa Physical Therapist
      Kraus-Preminger, Kimberly Speech Therapist 363-1826
      TBD Community Coordinator 363-1817
      Kelly, Dorell Plant Operator 363-1815
      Crooms, Douglas Custodian 363-1815
      Castleberry, William Custodian 363-1815
      Adams, Michelle Lunch Room Manager 363-1898
      Bentley, Courdney Lunch Room 363-1898
      Mason, Alicia Lunch Room 363-1898
      Leaks, Shandra Lunch Room 363-1898


      Name Subject Team/Grade Phone Email
      Sizemore, Jocey Prek PreK 363-1822
      Von Holle, Mallory ELA, SS, Math K 363-1824
      Flowers, Anna Grace SLA, Sc, Math K 363-1840
      Allen, Alyssa (Collin) ELA, SS, Math K-1 363-1872
      Nguyen, Kathy SLA, Science, Math K-1 363-1843
      Mann, Amanda ELA, SS, Math 1st 363-1888
      Mendoza, Marelen SLA, Science, Math 1st 363-1867
      Bence, Kelsey (Zimmers) ELA, SS, Math 2nd 363-1825
      Soriano-Altamirano, Yesenia SLA, Science, Math 2nd 363-1851
      Toro, Monica SLA, Science, Math 2nd/3rd 363-1828
      Willis, Allese ELA, SS,Math 2nd/3rd 363-1868
      Fletcher, Marcus SLA, Math, Sc 3rd 363-1860
      Woeste, Jessica ELA, SS, Math 3rd 363-1866
      Ventura, Gretchen ELA, Math 4th 363-1893
      Crespo, Tamara SLA, SS, Sc 4th 363-1835
      Jeronimo, Israel Sc 5th/6th 363-1854
      Kunze, Katrina ELA 5th/6th 363-1862
      Harris, Abigail SLA, SS 5th/6th 363-1870
      Steinriede, Sasha SLA, SS 5th/6th 363-1853
      Deutsch, Jaclyn Math 7th/8th 363-1875
      Burke, Rosa SLA, Science 7th/8th 363-1852
      De La Rosa, Laura ELA, SS 7th/8th 363-1827
      Fuertes, Beatriz ESL-SLIFE 7th/8th 363-1858
      Andrews-Francis, Laura MD K-2nd 363-1845
      Hunley, Angelina MD 3rd-5th 363-1873

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