• Our Mission 

    Our mission is to create a 21st century learning community that will support, challenge, and empower students to become engaged and prepared citizens and lifelong learners by having an integrated STEM and liberal arts curriculum focused on creating in-class teaching with hands-on projects led by highly-trained and effective educators.

    Our Vision 

    The Vision of Taft STEM Elementary School is to be the premier STEM-focused elementary school in the country that empowers all students to achieve at their highest potential by developing and implementing high quality STEM-focused curriculum.

    About William H. Taft Elementary

    Our school prides itself on being a neighborhood magnet school, with a STEM focus,  serving Mt. Auburn and surrounding communities. We welcome students from preschool through sixth grade. Upon completion of the 6th grade, our students are automatically eligible to attend Hughes STEM High school of the Cincinnati Public School District. 

    Our experienced, caring and highly qualified teachers use high quality, research-based curriculum aligned to Ohio’s Common Core Learning Standards to nurture critical thinking and collaborative problem-solving skills students need to become future leaders and innovators. As a STEM school students are able to engage in hands-on, project based learning in both our STEM Lab and our Makerspace! 

    Community Learning Center

    For our schools to transform, our communities must be revitalized. For our communities to revitalize, our schools must be transformed. They are dependent on each other and Community Learning Centers are the link.

    What is a Community Learning Center (CLC)?

    Schools and the communities they serve are closely linked. Seldom does one succeed without the success of the other. That's why our CLCs support student achievement, enrich and revitalize communities, and maximize the community's return on their financial investment.

    We are very proud to be a CLC and a neighborhood anchor. We strive to go beyond academics to focus on the whole child by serving as a hub for community services that are available to all students, their families and the entire community. We are able to offer a variety of services thanks to the collaboration and support of our many partners and the committed community of Mt. Auburn.

    Thanks to an array of community partners, our families are able to connect with a wide variety of programs and resources to support them and their families. 

    A key component of a CLC is the partners who provide services and support. To manage and align these valuable partnerships, our full-time, on-site Resource Coordinator, plays an integral role in the success of the Community Learning Center. To learn more about the services available at our school or how your company or organization can become a CLC partner or volunteer, please contact the main office (513-363-5600) and ask for our Resource Coordinator. 

    School Visits and Tours

    We welcome visits from parents and guardians as well as prospective families who would like a tour. To protect student safety, all visitors must register in the office using the Lobby Guard before going to the classroom. Parents/guardians who would like a conference with their student's teacher or would like to observe in the classroom must schedule an appointment with the classroom teacher at least 24 hrs in advance.