• The STEAM Program at Hartwell School
    Hartwell student creating art

    We encourage creative problem-solving that ignites curiosity and sparks passion to explore the world.

    Through our new STEAM program, we integrate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fundamentals with the Arts to promote creative thinking and ingenuity. Our program challenges students to solve complex questions, challenges and problems by using hands-on, interdisciplinary, project-based methods.

    What Does This Mean for Students?

    Hartwell students are challenged to broaden their knowledge and strengthen key skills to help them excel. Your child will benefit from:

    • A dedicated STEAM instructor who develops grade-specific programs that complement traditional academic disciplines
    • A technology lab dedicated to STEAM instruction, complete with 3D printers
    • Access to Google’s educational apps
    • A partnership with The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati, allowing students to design costumes, build sets and learn about lighting/sound design as well as ticket sales
    • Meaningful connections between what takes place in the classroom and how it applies to the real world
    • Developing 21st-century skills that help prepare students to succeed in high school and beyond
    • Extracurricular activities that supplement and build upon classroom lessons