• Gifted Enrichment Services

    Kilgour Elementary School is organized by grade level departments. Grades K-3 make up the Primary Department and grades 4-6 round out the Intermediate Department.

    Kilgour teachers have fully implemented the Responsive Classroom Model as part of their instructional day.

    Team Teaching
    Kilgour teachers in each grade level work in  teams to provide consistent and rigorous instruction in the four main content areas of Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science. Support teams made up of Kilgour teachers  provide support in implementing the standards-based curriculum for each of the core subjects.

    The Kilgour Intervention Specialist Team provides services to those students who need small group and one on one instructional time in addition to the classroom instructional period. The Specialist Team works with students who have a written plan created for students with learning disabilities by the student's teachers, parents or guardians, the school administrator, and other interested parties.

    Kilgour's Teachers
    Kilgour's teachers are among the most highly-trained and dedicated in the area:

    Over 56% have obtained a Master's Degree or higher level of education.
    Over 20% hold a Bachelor's Degree with a Master's Equivalent.
    All Kilgour teachers have a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree.
    Kilgour staff boasts a 97% daily attendance rate.
    Kilgour teachers are continually working to improve themselves and the school through continued professional development. The staff participates in all aspects of the school including club sponsorship, social events, and community activities.
    Kilgour teachers pride themselves on regularly scheduled and highly attended parent-teacher conferences.
    Paraprofessionals and parents strengthen the instructional environment by assisting teachers in the classroom and at home.
    PowerSchool is the computer system used by Cincinnati Public Schools to keep track of student information.

    Learning Opportunities
    Waterford Early Literacy Lab
    Kindergarten, first and second grade students visit the lab each day. The children learn Computer, Language Arts, Math, Science and Keyboarding skills.

    Computer Science
    Grade Two completed the Hour of Code and then mastered coding skills in Course One using the Code.org curriculum. Computer Science for elementary age students leads to understanding in logic, sequence, problem solving and creativity.  

    Library Resource Center & Technology Lab
    Homerooms visit the Resource Center on a regular basis. Computers and other technological equipment are also available to students for research and program needs.

    Each classroom is assigned weekly Music instruction. Students exhibit skills learned throughout the year and are welcome to perform during the Winter concert and Fine Arts night.

    Each classroom is assigned weekly Art instruction. Student’s work throughout the year is highlighted during Fine Arts week.

    Physical Education
    Each classroom is assigned weekly Physical Education. Your child should wear gym shoes and appropriate clothing to school on his/her scheduled class day.