Mission and Vision

  • Established as a junior high school in 1953, Shroder served as a feeder school to Woodward High School and other CPS high schools until 2000, when the first Freshman class was added, thus creating the first graduating class from Shroder in 2004. Currently, Shroder has a student population of 800 students and 94 faculty members.

    Shroder CrestVision Statement

    Producing Life-Long Learners through High Standards and a Supportive Environment

    Mission Statement

    • Support a culture of life-long learning.
    • Promote the physical and emotional well-being of all community members.
    • Effective instruction is used to develop critical thinking skills.
    • Help students to meet and exceed high academic standards.

    Shroder High School implements effective instructions needed to develop essential critical thinking skills, produce a culture of lifelong learning and prepare students to go forth to make productive contributions to the community-at-large. 

    Our aim is to provide the best education for every student. In individual and group settings, students learn in a safe and respectful environment that is conducive to nurturing growth and development for all students, as well as teachers and staff. 

    Faculty members are experts at encouraging students to discuss their learning processes through guided seminars, which in turn guides students in developing and communicating solutions to complex problems.