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  • Phone: 513-363-2300
    Fax: 513-363-2320
    Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

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    Mailing Address: 8320 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45216

Our Location

      Administration/Office Personnel

      Name Position Phone Email
      Lewis, Antwan Principal 363-2390
      Jackson-Payne, Jeanette Sr Support Specialist 363-2301
      Allen, Monica Sr Support Specialist 363-2302
      Moore, Laura Attendance Clerk 363-2326
      VACANT Asst Resource Coord 363-2357
      Hartmann-Heisserer, Sandy Social Worker 363-2365
      Houston, Ellen Counselor 363-2374
      Sherman, Keara Psychologist 363-2313
      Wilson, James ALC 363-2364
      Woods, Jackie Speech 363-2327
      Richie, Taylor OT-Friday 363-2327
      Piepmeier, Andy-Central Clinic Tues & Fri 363-2325
      Freeman, Kate- Central Clinic Fridays 363-2325
      Carr, April-Central Clinic Thurs & Fri 363-2325/363-2361
      Heike- Central Clinic Mon & Tues 363-2361
      Anderson, Leroy Plant Operator 363-2315/513-207-4431
      Williams, Paulette Lunchroom Mgr 363-2398


      Name Subject Team/Grade Phone Email
      Armstrong, Michael ELA 7th/8th 363-2335
      Bagley, Laurie Science/Soc Studies 5th 363-2337
      Brausch, David Intervention Specialist 6th 363-2346
      Budetti, Hope Intervention Specialist 363-2354
      Canel, Victor Translator 363-2391
      Cooley, Bryan Math 5th 363-2340
      DeSantis, Catherine Intervention Specialist 1st-3rd 363-2346
      Eversole, Tony Intervention Specialist 7th/8th 363-2353
      Felton, Stephen Music 2nd-8th 363-2347
      Fung, Chik Art 2nd-8th 363-2371
      Greenslade, Nadine STEAM 2nd-8th 363-2328
      Grimes, Robin Intervention Specialist 363-2351
      Grundy, Cynthia Phys Ed 2nd-8th 363-2339
      Guzman, Frances ESL 5th-8th 363-2377/363-2376
      Hartman, Jessica ELA 5th 363-2341
      Hiatt, Cathryn Social Studies 7th/8th 363-2363
      Horton, Sydney ELA 4th 363-2350
      Jamar, Donna Library 363-2330
      Kennedy, Michelle Nurse 363-2321
      Komiensky, Margaret Reading Specialist 363-2378
      Leonardi, Bethany Social Studies/Science 363-2345
      Mason, Lea Reading Specialist 1st-6th 363-2348
      Payne, Melanie Math 7th/8th 363-2336
      Randolph, Tara 6th 363-2323
      Ratterman/Rinner, Lauren Literacy Support 363-2348

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