About Parker Woods Montessori School

  • Vision

    The Parker Woods Montessori community is committed to using the Montessori philosophy and method to develop the whole child. We will promote the unique and individual talents of all children. In partnership, families, staff and the community will nurture and inspire children to become life-long learners who are committed to the democratic empowerment of their communities and develop a love of the natural environment.  

    We are dedicated to nurturing the spirit and intellect of each child through Montessori education and the use of advanced technologies to meet the demands of the future.


    Educate each student to meet or exceed the National Common Core Standards and to prepare them for Junior High School.

    We value and believe in:

    • Showing respect for self, others, and the environment.
    • Following the needs and concerns of each child.
    • Providing a safe, clean, interactive, and nurturing environment.
    • Welcoming the ever-changing community, environment, and school culture.
    • Embracing diversity and inclusion in all aspects.
    • All children succeed to their highest potential.
    • Setting and maintaining high academic and behavioral standards for all.
    • Collaboration amongst family, staff, and community is key to a child's success.
    • Education as a life-long journey.


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