• We strive to equip all of our learners with an excellent education that prepares them to not only excel in the classroom but in life. We place a focus on early literacy, writing, and mathematics.

    Most of our K-3 teachers are Orton Gillingham trained. This allows us to reach all of our learners and provide interventions and enrichment. Our teachers are also on board using the Engage New York Curriculum. This rigorous curriculum engages our students and provides rigorous lessons and assessments.

    Our students in 3-6 also get character education through Advisory, which is a key component of My Tomorrow.  

    Ohio Learning Standards

    Content standards are helping Mt. Airy ensure that written curriculum, classroom instruction and tests of learning all match — an alignment that research suggests makes a powerful impact on student achievement.

    Positive School Culture

    We want to provide our students with an orderly and safe learning environment. Mt. Airy students must be respectful, responsible and safe. As such, Mt. Airy works with our students, teachers and families to create a positive learning environment for our students. We have a progressive discipline model but we always try to communicate with our families to find an optimal solution.

    Our positive school culture plan addresses schoolwide expectations and consequences in the event a poor choice is made. Our consequences are progressive. We have time-out partners, phone calls home, detentions, Alternative Learning Center, Emergency Removal (1-3 days) and for Level 2 and 3 consequences, we use the A2S/A2E program. For more information about Mt. Airy's discipline policies. Please read the Mt. Airy Positive School Culture Plan.

    We invite you to also learn more Positive School Culture for Cincinnati Public Schools.