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A Letter From LaRonda Thomas

  • Welcome CPS Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers, 

    I am delighted you have chosen to participate in our 2023 Parent Voice Summer Leadership Retreat. This space has been designed with all parents in mind. From families seeking to find community within the school district, to learning how to support and advocate for their student's academic and social-emotional success.

    One of the most important aspects of a child’s success, through their schooling years, is the level of engagement that their at-home support system has in their education. When a student has a parent, guardian, or caregiver engaged, the student is more likely to succeed higher in multiple areas when compared to peers with uninvolved families.

    Decisions happen every day in our schools for our students and families. The presence of every parent, guardian, and caregiver is critical. Parent organizations are the starting point for engagement with your school administrators, staff, and other families.

    It is a proven fact, that informed parents make a difference in their student's academic and social-emotional advancement.

    As a parent of 4 CPS graduates, I understand the importance of engaging at every level of your student's schooling.  And building relationships with teachers, discovering resources on how to support their schoolwork, and knowing your rights to advocate for them.

    I hope we’ve encouraged you to activate your voice and be present in your student's academic and social-emotional journey.

    Sincerely, LaRonda Thomas, 

    CPS District Parent Champion

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