About Frederick Douglass School

  • Mission

    Frederick Douglass Elementary will be committed to providing our students with opportunities to achieve success. As a village (students, staff, families and community), we will partner to establish a safe, secure and healthy environment that equips all students with the knowledge and skill needed for their tomorrow.


    Frederick Douglass students will be academically, physically and socio-emotionally prepared to succeed as students today and lead as global citizens of tomorrow.


  • Today will decide if I succeed or fail tomorrow. I am going to be successful today in each and every way. I will do my best. I will pass. Life is a test. I will not fail.

    Frederick Douglass sought to embody three keys for success in life:

    1. Believe in yourself.
    2. Take advantage of every opportunity.
    3. Use the power of spoken and written language to effect positive change for yourself and society.

    Frederick Douglass said, "What is possible for me, is possible for you." By taking these keys and making them his own, Frederick Douglass created a life of honor, respect and success that he could never have dreamed of when still a boy on Colonel Lloyd's plantation on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Reasons to Attend

  • Benefits include:

    • Parent Friendly
    • Academics & Attendance
    • Neighborhood Centered & Partner
    • Technology Driven
    • High Expectations for Every Child
    • Energetic & Enthusiastic Staff
    • Rigorous Instruction
    • Student Centered
  • Community Learning Centers

  • Local School Decision-Making Committee (LSDMC)

  • School Visits and Tours

  • Our History